Thursday, 10 September 2015

Detox Diet: An Easy and Fast Way to Weight Loss

Detox Diet is emerging as one of the most preferred diet options these days. This quick on result diet can help give your weight loss regime the right kick. Cleansing the body of toxic substances, though, is a natural process but in this day and age, the inbuilt natural mechanism is unable to cope up with the high levels of chemicals and pollutants our body is exposed to. A detox diet thus can prove to be a healthy catalyst in this regard.

The diet is usually short-term (a week or so). The diet usually includes intake of herbs and healthy foods like fresh fruits and vegetables, nuts and seeds, beverages and lots of water. Fiber rich content is preferred. The body is made rid of processed food, Trans fat, caffeine, liquor and excessive amounts of sugar. By cutting the supply of the unhealthy foods that invariably had been part of our diet, weight loss is sure to happen.

Now that your diet is brought down to mere basics, and a few kilos reduced, detox diet can prove to be a great motivation to start afresh. More and more people find it easier to adopt healthier dietary patterns after trying a detox diet plan. You too can be one among them.

After going through a complete round of this quick weight loss diet plan, here are a few nutrient filled beverages to be included in your every day routine to keep up the body’s natural detox system strong forever:

1. Water with mint leaves and lemon slices added to it.

2. Beetroot, carrot and ginger juice: use a juicer to extract the juice of all ingredients together.

3. Green fruit drink:  made from blending together spinach (1 cup), cucumber (1 small), green grapes (half a cup), lemon juice (half of a lemon), kiwi fruit (1 small) and water (1 cup).


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